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BroadWorks Receptionist

Developer BroadSoft

BroadWorks Receptionist is a software-based attendant console for use by front office receptionists, enabling them to manage ...

TDS managedIP Receptionist

Developer TDS Telecom

Primus Accella Receptionist

Developer Primus

Klinik Receptionist

Developer Klarian Ltd


Developer Verizon Business

BroadWorks Receptionist SP6 MB9

Developer BroadSoft

Noojee Receptionist Console

Developer Name of your company

AVAD Receptionist

Developer AVAD Technologies

Receptionist Toolbar

Developer Sysinternals

Receptionist Client Components

Developer Opera Netcenter S.r.l

Broadcore Receptionist

Developer Broadcore

v2tel Receptionist

Developer v2tel

The Receptionist Administrator Console

Developer Delphi Development Group

BW Receptionist SP2 RC

Developer CP

The Receptionist Console

Developer AsteriskIT
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